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Q: I have difficulty in passing stools and the frequency is more like 3 to 4 times a day?


Q: I have unsatisfactory stools but no pain?

Internal heamohroids generally lead to unsatisfactory passage of stools as it blocks the rectum canal enhancing the frequency of defection, and when the freqency is more then the stress on the rectal canal is more, since the softness of the tissue there is inflamation and that’s why the pain.

Q: What is piles?

Piles is nothing but the dialation of the blood vessels in the rectum or haemohroids.

Q: How can I prevent piles?

Recommend atleast 12 to 15 glasses of water every day, and maintain regular Hygenic level, also good amount of sleep,and regular passing of stools at one particular time, generally all these factors help a great deal for the human body to stay healthy.

Q: What is Fissure?

Fissure are basically cracks on the the rectal walls, the next level of ano - rectal disorders. A very painfull pricking kind of sensation occurs with little loss of blood. This occurs to a patient with an history of piles, common in post delivery, passing of hard stools, gastric problem etc.

Q: What is Fistula?

A fistula is an parallel passage with point of entry at from the surface of the perinea region to the point of exit into the retal canal often associated with pain blood and pus.

Q: What are the common causes for fistula?.

Post operative piles or fissure where a wound does not heal up and creating a pocket of puss or an abcsess which is one of the cause leading to fistula.

Q: What is perineal sinus?

A perineal sinus is abscess kind of a wound affecting the cocxy region often embedded with hair folicals and puss.

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